Meet Robin Hood, a 20 year old Greaser who looks identical to Richard Madden…

Once upon time in the town of Disney, the Hood family was a renowned Soc family. That was, until Robin’s father ran off with a dancer from Lovely Ladies. His grandparents immediately cut off all ties with his father, leaving Robin to be raised on the wrong side of the tracks. This, however, did not stop Robin’s grandparents from seeing him like one would think. All his childhood, Robin spent summers across town with his grandparents — his grandparents demanded it be so. There was no hope for his parents, but his grandparents were convinced that with the right grooming and resources, young Robin could restore the Hood name. If they’d ever bother to take the time to talk to Robin and ask for his opinion, they’d realize he had absolutely no intentions of doing that. What Robin was doing every summer after the age of ten, though, was stealing from his grandparents and bringing it back home, to the wrong side of the tracks. Robin didn’t understand how his grandparents could watch his parents suffer, for even as a child he didn’t like being taken care of while his parents suffered. This attitude has stuck with Robin his whole life, extending from his family to his friends, to even people he didn’t like. No one deserved to be treated the way the Greasers were treated, even if he was proud of being a Greaser. It’s not uncommon to see Robin coming home every other weekend from a visit with his Grandparents giving away anything and everything he can get his hands on. The only people who suffer from this really are his grandparents’ help, who they continue to blame for the thievery and fire. Robin always ensure to take extra care of any ex-employees of the Hoods. For the last few years, his best friend Little John’s been helping him steal. Little John poses as an out of town Soc and stays with Robin at his Grandparents house. For the last year, his grandparents have started to introduce Robin and Little John to various eligible Soc bachelorettes in Disney, hoping to avoid what happened with Robin’s father with their grandson. Robin’s never thought of a future in the Soc world — but that was until he met a Ms. Maid Marian. Robin’s not naive, he knows that his little pilfers aren’t going to even the gap between Greasers and Socs, but it is a start.


Robin Hood is CLOSED

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